Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Branded Apparel

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Branded Apparel

Here at SunKissed Graphics we live and breathe custom branded apparel and of course that includes our own brand.  We often meet prospective clients who don’t feel they need custom branded apparel for their business, we always respond with a resounding “of course you do”.  Here’s why!

Marketing is all about product, place, price, and promotion.  These are all critical factors to your business success, with custom apparel you and your team are promoting your business while working, eating lunch, fishing at the pier, or wherever you go throughout your day.  Exposure is crucial for brand recognition, every eyeball on your brand has a value, so why aren’t you already ordering?  Branded apparel is a cost-effective, easy, and efficient way to generate exposure to your brand.  In case you’re still reading here’s how…

  1. Visual Recognition – Attractive, well-designed apparel (or gear) will draw attention.
  2. Favorable Impression – Remember the point way up above about “well-designed apparel”?  That well-designed apparel you and your employees think is so great, will create the same positive impression about your brand with the public.
  3. Revenue – Hey guess what, your custom business apparel could be cool enough for your customers to start saying “Where can I get one of those ______?”
  4. Value – Quality, well designed apparel will last a long time.  Imagine one of those brochures you give away, how long do those last?  Now imagine your client in one of your custom branded shirts or hats, you think they’re just throwing that away?  No!  It will live on long past the other items you give away to your customers and your team.
  5. Goodwill – Who loves a free shirt, hat, or keychain?  EVERYONE.  Giving your staff crisp, custom designed apparel will give them a sense of pride and appreciation for their workplace.  Your customers will love you forever when you give them that free custom cap or shirt!

So there you have it, a few hundred words describing what you already know…custom designed, branded apparel works for your business.  Every day, every time you, your team, or your customers puts on that shirt, throws on that cap, or grabs their key chain.  So quit reading this and head over to our custom quote form to get started!  Check out samples of our work on our Facebook page.


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